Greta’s Concerts & Performances

Whether for Summer Reading programs, family concerts, or “grown-up” audiences, Greta’s sparkling voice and spirited performances have charmed audiences around the world.

Learn more about her concert offerings below.

Mark & Greta

“The concert was well-attended and the audience loved the performance, pleading for an encore.”Cheryl Hill, West Linn Library
Husband and wife team Mark Hanson and Greta Pedersen are, respectively, a Grammy-Award winning acoustic guitarist, and Young Audiences’ 2009 National Artist of the Year. Together, their concerts are memorable: a mix of playful jazz, Americana, originals, and eclectic pop highlighted by blazing fingerpicking and soulful vocals.

Their CD, Then and Now, features guest artists two-time Grammy Winner Lawrence Juber, Diana Ross keyboardist George Mitchell, Blues Hall of Fame keyboardist DK Stewart, and Oregon Symphony principal cellist Nancy Ives.

Mark and Greta have performed around the world, and have shared the stage with many greats in the field – including the late Jerry Garcia. In 2009, they played and sang for the President of the United States. Mark’s guitar recordings play on NPR, Martha Stewart Living, and many other programs, including American Idol. He won a Grammy for his contributions to
2005’s “Henry Mancini – Pink Guitar” CD. Greta’s recordings for children have won multiple awards including the Film Advisory Board’s Award of Excellence, with licensing to Scholastic Books and other publishing and video projects.

They will prepare a requested song for special events: “The Book of Love” (Magnetic Fields and Peter Gabriel) – learned for a wedding in New York City – is now in their standard repertoire.

Duo: Vocals, Acoustic guitars, Ukuleles, Percussion
Trio: add Keyboards
Band: add Keyboards, Drums, and/or Fiddle

“They’re warm, they’re fun; musically so together, and most important when they perform they touch you.”Tom Brown, KNBR San Francisco

Family Concerts

“You charmed the little ones and grown ups out of their seats and had them signing, singing and giggling…. Thanks for keeping the magic in music.”Lori Patrick, Cultural Programs Coordinator, Auburn Arts Commission

Find more information about Summer Reading 2020 and other library programs for youth here.

Find more information about Greta’s school programming here.

Greta’s family concerts can be adapted for any special event. You’ll find her at libraries, recreation centers, zoos, children’s museums – just about anywhere.All concerts are teeming with singing, audience participation, sign language, and interaction. All ages enjoy her warm and humorous songs, accompanied by guitar, lap dulcimer, or ukulele. Selected members of the audience are invited on-stage to play a fascinating variety of percussion instruments!

“You were awesome!”Mt. Hood Council, Camp Fire USA

Library Programs for Youth

Summer Reading 2020 & Seasonal Programs  |  Year-Round Programs  |  Teen Book Club

Audiences for Greta’s library programs vary. Greta is prepared for them all: toddlers, tweens, and any combination in between. (For teens, see the Teen Book Club program below.)

All programs contain age-appropriate activities such as singing, hand motions and/or stretching songs for the younger children; a song using American Sign Language; and playing spoons and a wonderful variety of percussion instruments. Instruments may include guitar, mountain dulcimer, and ukulele.

Some highlights include The Science of Sound!; Get Ready To Read…. With Music (preschool to age 5); and a bilingual program, La Música es Mágica/Music Is Magic.

To book a library concert, or to request a new program designed to fit your individual needs, contact Greta!

Summer Reading & Seasonal Themes

Summer Reading Programs

NEW for 2020: Songs to Spark Your Imagination
This spirited sing-along has songs of dragon hunts, space travel, clever tailors, slimy mud, and more! Adaptable to the audience at hand, it includes interactive songs, movement, and sign language. Greta brings her guitar and ukulele, plus an imaginative basket of percussion instruments for selected youth to play.

The Outdoors Rock!  – Songs for Hikes, Picnics & Camping
Have a rockin’ good time singing songs that will keep you movin’ & groovin’. Selected audience members play percussion instruments from nature and the picnic basket!

Crazy Camp Songs
If you want a traditional summer theme, this lively sing-along is for you! It includes traditional and original songs that are perfect for singing around the camp fire, in the family car … and at the library… with accompaniment on guitar and ukulele.

Customized Programs
Greta will create a music program to complement your individual Summer Reading Program and other special event! Past themes include “Don’t Bug Me … I’m Reading,” “Musical Clues,” “Blast Off With Books,” and “Teddy Bear Picnic.” Don’t be shy — ask what she can do for you!

Also recommended: La Música Es Mágica/Music is Magic

National Poetry Month (April)

Poems ‘n Songs (Ages 5-11)
Bring poetry alive in this fun and interactive program. Greta leads songs and group recitation that are based on poetry found in your library! Geared to the audience at hand, it may include favorites from Shel Silverstein, R.L. Stevenson, A. A. Milne, and Dennis Lee (Alligator Pie), plus limericks and more. With a grade school crowd, we’ll bring out the spoons, washboards and percussion instruments for volunteers to play.

National D.E.A.R. Day (April 12) and National Library Week (April 19-25)

Singing Books (Ages 0-6 years)
We’ll celebrate songs transformed into books. Favorites include “Wheels on the Bus,” “Cat Goes Fiddle-I-Fee,” and “Alligator Pie.” Librarians will get an advanced list of recommended books, for display and checkout.

Also available: Get Ready To Read ….With Music!

Cinco de Mayo/Japan Children’s Day

Music in a Multicultural World
In May, the “Music in a Multicultural World” program highlights these two holidays celebrated on May 5th. Students “translate” a song from Spanish, learn words of greeting and thanks, and hear about the historical significance and cultural celebrations of these two important holidays.
Also available: La Música Es Mágica/Music is Magic

Gathering the Harvest
A great family program, celebrating the harvest season with songs, sign language, and a basketful of harvest-themed percussion instruments, including corn, gourds and bananas!

Celebrate Halloween
Humorous and not-too-spooky songs and chants for your monsters, gypsies and and other creatures, plus sign language and harvest percussion instruments (including pretend-skulls, corn, gourds and bananas).

Songs for the Winter
A non-holiday oriented program

December Holidays
Celebrating the traditions of Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa

Year-Round Educational Programs

FOR READY TO READ FUNDS: Get Ready to Read…. with Music!

This engaging program for ages 0-5 promotes literacy and language skills such as phonemic awareness, rhyming, and word meaning through songs, movement, and sign language. Quick and easy tips for parents and caregivers are also included.

The Science of Sound

Explore the science of sound! Through songs and instruments, we experiment with manipulating sound, and “hear” clashing sound waves as Greta tunes her guitars. Get ideas on how kids can create instruments out of found objects at home. With a grade-school crowd, selected members of the audience will be invited to play sound tubes, buckets, shakers and other assorted “home-made” instruments.

La Música es Mágica/Music is Magic (bilingual)

This spirited, bilingual sing-along program celebrates the magic of music with songs in Spanish, English, and sign language; commentary is in Spanish and English. Actual songs vary according to the make-up of the audience (mostly Spanish speaking; mostly English, or a combination). Greta plays guitar, and brings her wonderful collection percussion instruments for selected members of the audience to play.

Music Is Magic
If you can’t decide on a theme, choose this one! This wonderful collection of original and traditional songs, plus sign language, changes for each audience – 1s & 2s, toddlers, preschoolers, up through elementary ages — and any combination thereof.

Celebrate American Folk Songs
Explore the rich heritage of the United States and the history behind folk songs such as “Follow The Drinking Gourd,” “Old Joe Clark,” “16 Tons” and “This Land Is Your Land.” Greta plays mountain dulcimer and guitar, teaches a song in Sign Language, and invites selected audience members to play spoons and washboard.

Around the World in Song
From Mexico to West Africa,  Austria to Japan and beyond, we celebrate similarities and differences among people through their traditional folk music. Greta brings her guitar, and amazing percussion instruments from around the world — including Thai frogs, a Guatemalan bamboo drum, an African gourd shaker, and South American goat toe nails!

Teen Book Club

“Soundtrack” to the novel Homecoming
Using selected musical references from this novel by Cynthia Voight, teen readers explore how the author used music to develop plot, character, and themes in this wonderful story. We discuss how folk music was disseminated in earlier periods of this country, and examine similarities and differences of writing styles and themes. Students also actively participate through song and “playing spoons.” Familiarity with the book Homecoming is a prerequisite.