Greta’s Press Kit

Short Bio

Music is Magic with Greta, named 2009 National Artist of the Year. Greta's sparkling voice and spirited performances have charmed audiences around the world. Her sing-along concerts are teeming with audience participation, sign language, and interaction. All ages enjoy her warm and wacky songs, accompanied by guitar, ukulele, and a fascinating variety of percussion instruments played by audience volunteers.

Promotional Quotes

“You charmed the little ones and grown ups out of their seats, and had them signing, singing and giggling….Thanks for keeping the magic in music.”
—Lori Patrick, Cultural Programs Coordinator, Auburn Arts Commission

“We have never seen 4th and 5th grade boys enjoy music the way they enjoyed yours.”
—Principal and Teachers, Mari-Linn School, Lyons, Oregon

“You certainly have the ability to bring out the kid in all of us.”
—Judy Edmonds, Associate Director, Ronald McDonald House

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Mark & Greta’s Press Kit

Short Bio

Grammy-winning guitarist Mark Hanson and National Artist-of-the-Year singer Greta Pedersen create a memorable mix of playful jazz, Americana, originals and eclectic pop, highlighted by blazing fingerpicking and soulful vocals. Their duo instrumentation includes vocals, acoustic guitars ukuleles, and percussion.

Promotional Quotes

“Mark’s guitar arrangements are skillful, inventive, and musically satisfying; Greta’s song interpretations are equally outstanding.”
—Happy Traum, Homespun Tapes

“Mark Hanson is a consummate acoustic guitarist.”
—Aaron Stang, Warner Brothers

“Silky singer Greta is known for her children’s tunes, and her love for Bonnie Raitt — and she’s no slouch on the guitar, either.”
—Rebecca, KINK Radio

“They’re warm, they’re fun; musically so together, and most important, when they perform they touch you.”
—Tom Brown, KNBR San Francisco

Audio Clips

My Baby Thinks He’s a Train

Water Is Wide

The Book of Love

Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning

Bye Bye Blues

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